Quote of the Day: A True Economic Idiot

Gov. Jerry Brown has always been and shall always be “Governor Moonbeam” to us. A true economic idiot, his only saving grace as far as we’ve been concerned is that back-in-the-day he dated Linda Ronstadt.

Dennis Gartman,  The Gartman Letter – Nov. 14, 2012

Ouch!   There’s  more,

However, he really does not understand anything at all about economics and is convinced that higher taxes will have little if any impact upon high income earners in California, despite the fact that several thousand high income earners…and low, for that matter… are leaving his state monthly.

Speaking to the press earlier this week, when queried about the effect of higher taxes upon his citizenry, Gov. Brown said this:

High-paid individuals have more to fear from their spouse than they do from the state of California. Most of them, when they do leave, leave because they have just gone through a nasty divorce. And so I would say, if they all work on their relationships, we’ll take care of spending their money wisely.

Simply put, no he won’t…and we’ll bet large on that. Let the exodus out of California continue…and it will.


Well, fellow Californians, at least we still have this from the Mamas and Papas to soothe our souls if the Golden State slides off into the economic abyss.   Wasn’t Michelle sooooo fine?

(click here if video is not observable)

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2 Responses to Quote of the Day: A True Economic Idiot

  1. PalmTree says:

    Beautiful video – thanks for posting it.

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