Twitter Goes to War

Wow!  Times they are a-changin’!

The Egyptians used Facebook to topple their Pharaoh and now the Israeli’s commence their offensive against Hamas using Twitter.    What would King David think?

Slate reports.

At 9:29 Eastern this morning, the Israeli Defense Force announced via Twitter that it would be attacking targets in Hamas today, as part of an ongoing mission “to protect Israeli civilians and to cripple the terrorist infrastructure in the#Gaza Strip.” Here is that first tweet announcing the operation:

The IDF tweet wasn’t just an idle threat either. Within minutes, the IDF spokesperson tweeted that forces had actually already carried out an attack on a target, the “head of the #Hamas military wing,” Ahmed al-Jabari. IDF is live-blogging the attacks, too.

If that level of transparency isn’t astounding enough, the IDF even tweeted a video of the attack less than three hours later, along with the hashtag #PillarOfDefense. Pillar of Defense is the name of the IDF operation, reports Reuters.


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2 Responses to Twitter Goes to War

  1. James McLoughlin says:

    Gary, I hope all of your readers enjoyed the show as it was virtually made in the USA – and as usual paid for in full by US taxpayers. All of the guided bombs, munitions, etc. are courtesy of record budget outlays to Israel because a perpetually frightened U.S. Congress can never say no to underwriting Israeli atrocities. Having been to the Israeli occupied West Bank many times, it is appalling to see what Americans are paying for. It is worse than South Africa Africa ever was and I lived there for a year

    What a wonderfu, consistent foreign policy the US has! We pay countless billions and loose thousands of lives fighting for democracy in Iraq only to pay 3,000,000,000+ a year to ensure apartheid Israel. And we wonder why Muslims don’t like us!

  2. macromon says:

    James, Thanks for the comment. Always praying for peace in the Mideast. Hope you have a chance to check this out:

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