Weekend Lecture: The McWage Index

Good stuff from the London School of Economics and the “best labor economist in the world.”  It’s wonkish and the main target of the lecture are for economists.

Hope you have some time to give it a listen.

Click here for Power Point Presentation.

Recorded on 28 February 2012 in Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building.

Real wages measure worker welfare and the cost of labour. After providing some historical background and the basis for their interpretation, Professor Ashenfelter reports the results of a decade long study of wage rates at McDonald’s restaurants in over 60 countries.

Orley Ashenfelter is Joseph Douglas Green 1895 Professor of Economics and director of the Industrial Relations Section at Princeton University.

(click here if video and chart are not observable)

Always suspected the Danes were richer than US.  How ’bout the Irish – 60 percent higher McWage than the US!


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2 Responses to Weekend Lecture: The McWage Index

  1. James McLoughlin says:

    This guy must hold the record for the amount of time spent prefacing his presentation as opposed to actually delivering it. Even a double latte would not have helped me hang in here for this one.

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