World’s Fastest & Slowest Growing Economies

Here’s our update of last November’s post of the world’s fastest and slowest growing economies ranked by 2013 GDP growth.  The growth estimates and nominal GDP data are from the April IMF World Economic Outlook database.

We still note, the law of small numbers in the growth economies.  Excluding China from the Top 40, for example,  the 39 fastest growing economies in 2013 have an average size of $78 billion.  This contrasts to the slowest growth economies with an average nominal GDP in dollar of $470 billion.  Note Germany’s rank as the 23rd slowest growth economy.  Furthermore,  5 of top 11 slowest economies are eurozone countries.

Similar to stocks, growth is, generally, in the  “small cap” countries.


(click here if table is not observable)

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  4. ganesh shrestha says:

    where is Nepal?

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