Why We Like The Atlanta Falcons

True confession.  We love Tom Brady.   Second best QB of all-time,  just after Joe Cool, who, in four Super Bowl games,  started and won, threw for 83 of 122 passes for 1,142 yards and 11 touchdowns with no interceptions!   Won 3 Super Bowl MVPs. 

Talking to a  high school coach of Brady the other day, we asked, “Did any of you guys know that Tom B. would become one of, if not, the greatest of all-time”?    “Absolutely not” the coach answered,  “he was good in high school, not great.  When he got to Michigan, we thought maybe he could play in the NFL.  Nobody around here had any idea he would step-up like he has”.

Tom Brady used to have a girlfriend in high school that lived in our ‘hood and would come around here at prom time.   That is our bragging rights to the great one.   Joe Cool used to live in our town.

Until a few weeks ago, we were looking forward to Brady and the Pats winning their fifth Super Bowl ring.

That was until we heard Falcons owner, Arther Blank co-founder of Home Depot, is taking the entire Falcons staff to the Super Bowl.

Via Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Falcons owner Arthur Blank is sending all of the team’s employees to Houston next week for Super Bowl LI.

“Football is the ultimate team sport and it goes way beyond the people you see on the field,” Falcons president Rich McKay said in a statement. “It takes a lot of people to operate a successful NFL team and the staff works very, very hard all year round. Arthur loves the associates and one of our core values is ‘Include Everyone.’ He wants those who have helped our team reach the Super Bowl to have the chance to see the game live in Houston.”

It’s not an unheard of move, as both Broncos owner Pat Bowlen and Panthers owner Jerry Richardson did the same last year.

But it’s still a nice perk for the 500 employees of the team, who get to ride along for an unexpected end-of-year bonus. – NBC Sports


Arthur Blank_Feb3.png


Class!   Way to go, Arthur.  People like you make America great.

Falcons by 4.   Don’t day trade it!


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1 Response to Why We Like The Atlanta Falcons

  1. John Colligan says:

    Cmon man, Tom Brady is Californian
    Joe Cool from Pennsylvania !

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