Nonlinear Thinking: Lifeguard drone completes world-first ocean rescue

It has been a while since our last nonlinear thinking post. We think it is time to start up again.

We wrote about the coming of the iLifeguard back in in 2013,

Nonlinear Thinking: iLifeguards
Posted on March 26, 2013

Wow! The robots are even coming for the lifeguards…

Amazing world we now live.

Swimmers on Californian beaches are likely to be rescued by a different kind of lifeguard if they get into trouble this summer. The Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard, or EMILY, is a remote controlled buoy that can quickly relieve a drowning person and help them stay afloat until further help arrives. The EMILY can be deployed from a boat or helicopter, and supports up to four people. It can also be equipped with cameras, speakers and other hardware to enable enhanced rescued performance.

SOURCES: BBC, Popsci – Global Macro Monitor, March 2013

So here is the latest from the Sydney Morning Herald:

Australia’s ‘Little Ripper’ drone has saved a pair of swimmers caught in rough seas in what’s thought to be a world-first rescue operation. Lifeguards were busy testing the UAV off Lennox Head as part of New South Wales’ $250,000 shark-spotting strategy when the distress call came in. Within 70 seconds the aerial helper had tracked down the stranded duo and dropped them a flotation pod, which they used to safely make their way to shore, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Australia has been leading the charge in deploying drone coast guards, with countries like the UK following suit. The ‘Little Ripper’ UAVs, packed with supplies including inflatable rafts and GPS beacons, can fly through the air for two-and-half hours on a single charge. In August, it was reported that the drones were being fitted with AI smarts to map Australia’s shark-infested waters. Around 40 Little Rippers were reportedly shipped to Australia’s Surf Life Saving Clubs last year. — The Sydney Morning Herald


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