Changes Coming To Global Macro Monitor

The Global Macro Monitor (GMM) came into existence in 2010, motivated, mainly, as a way to discipline our trading.  There is nothing like writing and data crunching to create clear, concise thinking and original research to create a framework to view the markets.

After over 5,000 posts at GMM, we have already significantly cut back on our trading and will do even more after year-end.  Thus the opportunity cost of our writing and research, which we have shared with you over the past eight years increases dramatically.

We are reaching out to our readers to get a sense if there is a market for the Global Macro Monitor on a subscription basis.  We are thinking of a pricing point for a basic subscription in the zip code of around the cost of a daily cup of coffee:

Basic Subscription –          $50 per month

We are also considering a premium version, such as a more personalized research/consulting product.  If, say,  a large institutional investor needs specific sovereign analysis on an individual country, or some other market or financial asset, our years of professional experience across a wide swath of markets can help you.

All the products will include actionable trades and investments,  with specific entry, exit, and stop-loss prices.   We are first to admit we don’t get them all right, but believe our analysis is unique and contrarian,  that it is clear, concise, and usually parsimonious.

If you had traded on our recent Treasury market or Apple analysis, for example, you could have already paid for a lifetime subscription and even thrown in a Tesla.

The Gathering Storm In The Treasury Market 2.0

iPhone Inflation Drives Apple Earnings, Again

One of our readers commented on our comprehensive analysis (38 pages) of the Treasury market:

I read the first and second article and have to say that it was the best analysis I ever read on treasuries. Thank you for the macro view and well done.

The free ride is over, folks, and the Global Macro Monitor will become our hobby and is about to go dimmer.

We need a critical mass of potential subscribers before we can move forward.

Come back to us ASAP, if you are interested.

Please contact us at:

This post will repeat twice per week over the next few months.

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