Opportunistic Alpha Housekeeping

If you haven’t noticed, we have been posting specific trade ideas with entry points, target prices, and stops.  These are not recommendations but a vehicle so that our readers can hold us more accountable for our ideas, and to also illustrate that following the Global Macro Monitor is a money maker.

Ideally, the trades will generate alpha for, say, a global macro fund, or P&L for individual traders, mainly through event-driven opportunistic trades.  Assume we have $1,000,000 in capital or trading limits,  which can be leveraged.

Let’s call these posts “Opportunistic Alpha.”

Prepare To Contribute To The GMM

We will soon — in the next few weeks — introduce a strategy that will allow our readers to make voluntary contributions to the blog, which will help the Global Macro Monitor keep the lights on for rest of the year.  The contributions will help reduce the opportunity cost of research, data analysis, and writing as we have pared back our trading and off-set some of the accounting costs, such as data and website subscriptions.

The ball will be in your court to keep the hits coming.


Note, we have moved some of the trailing stops since the last posts.

Links to original posts for each trade:

Brazil ETF
British Pound
China ETF


strictly alpha


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