Getting Long Call Options On Phillies

I wish.

The Phillies are not a publicly listed company as is Manchester United, for example, or as the Boston Celtics used to be before going private. Maybe Cramer knows how to play this one.

Check out the latest rumor on the Bleacher Report.

The Philadelphia Phillies are reportedly trying to maintain financial flexibility with an eye toward a serious push to sign Los Angeles Angels superstar outfielder Mike Trout, who can become a free agent following the 2020 MLB season.

On Wednesday, Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated reported the Phillies have enough money to acquire both infielder Manny Machado and outfielder Bryce Harper—this year’s most coveted players in free agency—but would rather add one and keep a path open to attracting Trout.  – BR, January 17

The modern-day Ruth and Gehrig in Philly?

I have no doubt if Trout can stay healthy, we all be sayin’ twenty years from now,

The goes Roy Hobbs Mike Trout the best there ever was in this game.


By the way,  I took a Sabermetrics course a few years back from Boston Univerity and my priors were that Colorado’s  Coors Field and Cincy’s “Great American Small Park” were the stadiums where the most home runs were launched.   Wrong.  It is Philly’s Citizen Bank Park.

No wonder Bryce is considering the Phillies.  He may hit 80 home runs in 2019!

My Giants’ AT&T Oracle Park ranks among the worst for home runs.  Uncle Larry reportedly just paid $300-350 million for the naming rights to the park.  Now the Giants can afford to pay the Mad Bum his $200 million contract.

AT&T Oracle is a great park for triples, by the way.


Check out the chart of Man U’s stock price.  Flashing a red card and looks like it could use a little help, maybe from  Maradona’s “the hand of God.”



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