Second Brexit Referendum On The Horizon

The British Parliament is inching ever so closer to a “People’s Vote,” a second referendum on the UK leaving the European Union.   We have never wavered and were way out in front of this issue,

BREXIT ain’ gonna happen.  The political extremes on both ends have “woke” the sleepy and complacent middle, women, and the young.

…A second vote on BREXIT is an uphill battle, but if the Trump administration gets “bitch slapped” in the November midterms the momentum and pressure for a new BREXIT vote will build, in our opinion.  — GMM, October 20th

Today’s Independent dishes on the prospects of a  “People’s Vote,”

MPs have begun a fresh push to agree an alternative Brexit plan that would be put to a referendum in the autumn, despite throwing out all options last night.

Talks will begin to settle on a “composite motion”, combining soft Brexit proposals with a commitment to putting them to the people to confirm – with the alternative of staying in the EU.

Anna Soubry, who defected to The Independent Group from the Conservatives, insisted a compromise was still achievable and that supporters of a Final Say referendum were making “huge progress”.

“I believe we can now reach, in parliament, a majority based on progress we made last night for such a compromise, composite motion. That’s what we’ll be working on this morning,” she said.

Ms Soubry pointed out that the number of Tories backing a referendum was rising – from 7 to 15 on Monday night – and that, with 280 votes, a confirmatory ballot was the most popular option.  – Independent, April 2nd

Not a trade without some risk but,




As always, we reserve the right to be long and wrong.

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