California Burnin’, Again

Here we go again.  This is getting old, folks.

It’s all the fault of Hillary’s emails.  The Feds just aren’t committing enough resources to find them and “the server”  and the little energy and assets spent to keep California from burning, the poles from melting,  and the seas from rising are just too much, no?    Gotta keep those fracking priorities straight!

SONOMA CO SHERIFF Alert: Civil Emergency Message until 03:45PM Reply with a friend’s # to forward

Starting to see a bit of panic and hearing lots of angry talk in the long lines at the gas stations and stores about the anti-science crowd.   If you’re a climate-denying “don’t come around no more.”

The chickens seem to be finally coming home to roost with the climate, the economy (though most are ostriches), debt and the global geopolitical situation.

I am going to whip out my Yeats  to read by candlelight tonight.

Things are about to get nonlinear this evening and tomorrow when the hurricane gale force winds pick up.  The danger is the burning embers, which can travel long distances whichever way the wind blows.  At 60 plus mph winds, the fire becomes a blowtorch.


Rake America

I may not be posting for a while.

Rake your leaves, rake the forest and stay safe, comrades.

Here we go again.png


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good luck G.

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