COTD: Recession Triggers

COTD = Chart of the Day

Nice chart from Mark Zandi from Moody’s Analytics.

Recession Triggers

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3 Responses to COTD: Recession Triggers

  1. Andrew Szabo says:

    A useful visualization from Moody’s. Thanks for bringing attention to it.

  2. Larry R. Wagner says:

    Very interesting. Wouldn’t be nice to see a “What could go right” chart.

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    • macromon says:

      Wow, Larry, that sounds a lot like the question the leader of the Women’s Republican Club in 2005 asked me during my speech you invited me when I warned the housing bubble was going to collapse during W.’s second term. Unfortunately, the global imbalances are much worse now, though not as much leverage in the U.S. household sector and banks have more capital and liquidity. But, now climate change has kicked in and power is being shut off whats again this week. Imagine the toll on the global economy in the next five years.

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