Low-Cost Universal Health Care With A Record Budget Surplus?

How can it be?


     See the full DW article here

The following video on the German health care system is a must view, folks.

Take the 10 minutes and watch.

If not, study the charts.

The German system is completely private consisting of two plans: 1) SHI — Statutory Health Insurance — for those making under $60k per year, is made up of a highly regulated sector of competing not-for-profit private companies, and 2)  PHI – Private Health Insurance.


Better healthcare at a lower cost.  Ich bin ein Berliner, baby!

You listening Amy, Mike, and Pete?

Hat Tip:  Roro @rorotrader

Germans Much More Satisfied Than Americans 


Less Than U.S. Health Care


Two-Tier System – Public and Private Options


Less Wait Times


Much Lower Prohibitive Costs


Source:   All Charts Are From The CNBC Video



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