It’s Time For Capitalists To Help Save Capitalism

It looks the lock down in much of the country is going to last a bit longer than expected.  Small businesses account for a large portion of U.S. GDP and employ almost half the U.S. workforce.   Most of these companies won’t be able to survive such a protracted downturn.

Every American needs to step up and answer their call to duty to get us through this dark night.  The government’s finances are now extremely strained and it is impossible for the taxpayer to bail out every business and worker. 

Rent Holiday

Landlords need to seriously consider granting their small business tenants a long-term rent holiday, as in up to one year. 

It’s not only the patriotic thing to do but it is also in their best interest.  Imagine the value of the real estate holdings if, say, 4 out of 5 store fronts become vacant and a large portion of commercial real estate is left empty. 

The commercial real estate space was already in bad shape and what we labeled the New Rust Belt.  


It can either be voluntary or by fiat as an addendum to the economic packages now being considered in Congress.   Some landlords will be strapped and their creditors will have to workout another extend and pretend deal.  It’s much better than the alternative.

Let’s go, America.

It’s not like we are being called to storm the beaches in Normandy.  This is easy.

I’ll take staying home, washing my hands, and pitching in wherever possible over taking incoming any day.  Be thankful.

No free riders.

Time for everyone to step up.


See article here.


See article here.

Small Businesses Are The Anchor Of The Economy



Source:  JP Morgan

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