Canada Crushed The COVID Curve As The U.S. Struggles

“They had a healthy respect for this virus.”

U.S. Canada

The U.S. leaders thought they could gaslight science and the virus,  Canadian pols respected science and it shows in the data.  The Canucks were not influenced or led by the “Jesus Is My Vaccine” nonsense.

Canada is now only seeing a few hundred new cases per day versus over 50K in the U.S., which is a factor of 223x.  Rather stunning considering the U.S. has a population of only 8.7x that of Canada.

By the way,  GMM is proud to have a Canadian citizen on board.  One of the smartest, most rational, and commonsensical persons we know.  The Canuck was a big influencer in our warning about the strategy of the U.S. leaders back in April,

The Trump campaign strategy now seems to be keep whiping up the base and try to even…wait for it…. gaslight death. Don’t think it is gonna work on both counts.

We have to get this right, folks.  Listen to the scientists and  F the politics. — The Plan Is, There Is No Plan, GMM, April 21


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