Mars 2020 rover: How far we’ve come – CNET

Very cool.

I remember buying a computer for my loft apartment at the Archive in Greenwich Village just to watch the 1997 Mars rover, Sojourner,  land, and cruise around the Red Planet.  The brand new days of the internet and analog dial-up.

We know one of the NASA engineers who was tasked with building and now monitoring the mechanical arm that will grab rocks from Mars and bring them back on board the Perseverance, which launched last Thursday and is scheduled to land on Mars, February 18, 2021.

We also know two teenage girls with the foresight to purchase a couple acres on Mars.  Talk about real estate speculators!

The high-tech Mars 2020 rover is about to launch into space (complete with its own helicopter). But how does this one-tonne beast compare to the original, pint-sized rover we sent to Mars in 1997?

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