COVID Deaths v. State Vax Rates

#CKStrong  Never forgetting Carol K. We are with you, girl!

Anyone see a pattern here?   

If you stare at the chart long enough, you can see the pink red elephant [in the room].

Sadly this chart is largely a function of the state’s politics.  Doesn’t have to be that way and people shouldn’t have to die for it. 

America’s Death Cult And The Pro Life States

Never thought a large swath of America or a major political party would morph into a Jonestown death cult but it has. The data speaks for itself.

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5 Responses to COVID Deaths v. State Vax Rates

  1. Andrew Szabo says:

    Wow. That line is well-fitted. What is R-squared?

  2. Larry R. Wagner says:

    If it were not for North Dakota, this curve would be even worse!


  3. MAX HUBRIS says:

    Dear vaxxed dummies, look at your source…

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