Can You Tell The Difference Between AI And A Human?


How do you know if Carol K. or myself are not ChatBots?

The [pandemic] crisis accelerated the adoption of analytics and AI, and this momentum will continue into the 2020s, surveys show. Fifty-two percent of companies accelerated their AI adoption plans because of the Covid crisis, a study by PwC finds. Just about all, 86%, say that AI is becoming a “mainstream technology” at their company in 2021. Harris Poll, working with Appen, found that 55% of companies reported they accelerated their AI strategy in 2020 due to Covid, and 67% expect to further accelerate their AI strategy in 2021. – HBR

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4 Responses to Can You Tell The Difference Between AI And A Human?

  1. Joe Rourke says:

    I know you ain’t Gregor ’cause no self respecting ‘bot would claim to have ancestors from Cork and that even though Apple is headquartered there!

    On a serious note I don’t know if you have seen the ‘Black Mirror’ anthology series on Netflix. It has a dystopian future oriented (and fictionalised obviously) take on some of these developments. Highly viewable, some of the best TV of the last decade in my humble opinion.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a pedantic correction of the speaker’s opening comparison to make.i think it was z poor comparison.

    The limits of concrete and steel design in the real world are often not dictated by concrete and steel, both are heavily regulated, standardised and well known to all. Engineers who have to certify are risk adverse and not encouraged to innovate. Architects have to push usually for dramatic design and find Engineers who are happy to engage with them. Design of steel and concrete is also heavily restricted by lots of regulated factors which have nothing to do with the material – fire design is one, cost is another. You could build buildings a mile tall trouble is they ain’t feasible or practical for other reasons.

    Technology for me in this era closely resembles the unregulated golden era of Piracy in the Caribbean. Basically, I see Technology as driven by an unruly bunch of ruthless cut-throats who are only interested in independent power and the accumulation of wealth they will never be able to spend. They owe no allegiance to any family, society or nation. They have no morals are happy to destroy the world in order to get what they want. And Governments haven’t tried to stamp out these ‘distruptors’ yet. Like the early years of Piracy they don’t know which side the Pirates are on. And they won’t stamp them out likely (regulate properly) – as long as they get some of the loot!

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