QOTD: Victory Laps

QOTD = Quote of the Day

This aged well.  We are empathetic with the pain out there but, just as in the case with the anti-Vaxers and COVID deniers, stupidity has consequences.  

Tesla (TSLA), the poster child of the latest leg of the bull market, which began in March 2020, is again testing what has been its unpenetrable support at the 200-day moving average. The stock has to hold here. Maybe, maybe not.

Tesla stock is now in a bear market, down 31 percent from its January 4th high. 

Crypto Crash

Moreover, Elon’s crypto hobby isn’t faring much better. 

Bitcoin is down 47 percent from its wait for it… 9/11 high, and down 13 percent from the Crypto Super Bowl just eight days ago.  Where art thou Tom Brady and Matt Damon? – GMM,  February 21, 2022

The pain is palpable with many of my millennial bros. 

The markets have once again become a social movement and everyone is now a genius.

I was lectured the other day by a friend, who said  I knew nothing because I didn’t understand that millennials are taking their stimulus checks and buying Bitcoin.  I tried to explain that was my point,  then asked if he knew what a price-earnings ratio was or what is the stock market capitalization to GDP.

He dismissed me and said something to the effect,  “Nope, doesn’t matter, you’re an idiot.”  Credibility is all about timing, baby, but timing is impossible…

I then tried to explain to him that markets don’t reflect a true fundamental reality because the government, via the Fed, has basically nationalized most of them through endless bailouts creating an alternative reality.  I conveyed that my investment philosophy is to buy low and sell high.

We then had a debate over Tesla, the stock that is minting money for him.  So he says.

He couldn’t distinguish between Tesla the car (we agreed the best in the world),  and Tesla the stock.  –  GMM,  January 11, 2021

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4 Responses to QOTD: Victory Laps

  1. Morgan says:

    it’s always a good day when you’re right. 😉

  2. macromon says:

    Right but empathetic as with the anti-Vaxers. Stupid has consequences.

  3. Joseph says:

    Tesla’s stock crash is bad to be sure, and rivaled in its horrific decline by Meta’s far worse cavernous one, or the biggest grift of all— crypto and whats his face…Blank-enstein? Soon followed by who will be the next in-line? —But what do all these oddball self-inflated dictatorial boss oligarchs have (or did) in common besides staggeringly incomprehensible wealth?—when the singular elephant in the room is really “inequality” and on an incomprehensible scale.

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