The “Boomer Rocks” 21st Century Dunk On The S&P

Wow!  The data in the following table are so surprising it makes us think we made a mistake in our calculation.  Please try and replicate the table and confirm our calculations.

Gold has trounced the S&P500, both in price and total return, since the beginning of the 21st Century, not by a little but by bunches.  Entry levels determine returns and entry points matter!

Note the quotable quote in our post from yesterday labeling gold, “Boomer Rocks.”

“Yields are starting to look toward the Fed to pivot, and it looks like gold’s just ready to break out. I think these boomer rocks, they’re set up for a boom…”  – Mike McGlone, Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Macro Strategist

Hat tip to Carter Worth for pointing out the relative performance. 

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2 Responses to The “Boomer Rocks” 21st Century Dunk On The S&P

  1. Mike says:

    That is really interesting. Who’d of thunk in a quarter century that kind of returns? But I do remember how in the late 70’s gold and silver really took off about the time Volker raised interest rates to tame that inflation.

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