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QE2, Trade Deficits, and the G20

Given next week is the G20 in Seoul and the U.S. is pressing to address trade balances,  we thought the following chart from the Congressional Research Service is quite timely.  Trade deficits are big drag on GDP (see chart below)  … Continue reading

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‘Firewall needed’ to prevent cash surge – China Daily

We have written in numerous posts about John Bull’s “Tsunami of Dollars” flooding into the emerging markets.   China Daily writes, China should “set up a firewall” as uncontrolled dollar printing in the United States will drive more liquidity into … Continue reading

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The Yoke is Hard and the Debt Burden is Heavy

We found this table from Brookings very interesting.  The net public debt per worker of the Advanced Economies in the G20 has increased from US$33K in 2007 t0 US$50.2 in 2010, an increase of 50 percent and projected to grow … Continue reading

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