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QOTD: Fed Chair Jay Powell

  I do not dismiss the prospective risks emanating from global policy normalization. Some investors and institutions may not be well positioned for a rise in interest rates, even one that markets broadly anticipate. And, of course, future economic conditions … Continue reading

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QOTD: On Fed Chair, Jay Powell

Larry Kudlow just on CNBC quoting President Trump after interviewing Jay Powell for the Fed chair: “The guy looks like a central banker.” – President Trump (via Larry Kudlow) (QOTD = Quote of the Day)

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QOTD: Liqudity

“..liquidity is OK. But it may be more fragile, and more prone to disappearing in stress situations…There hasn’t been a liquidity-related incident that has had a significant effect on the real economy. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen.” – Jay … Continue reading

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