Bloomberg to Replace Geithner?

The Washington rumor mill is buzzing!  Larry Kudlow just said a Washington insider told him Michael Bloomberg will replace Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary.  The NY Post reported in early September the President had spoken with Bloomberg about the Treasury job.   Doesn’t he want David Letterman’s job?

Here are some more juicy ones from Jim Puzzanghera and Tom Petruno of the L.A. Times,

The latest buzz was that Obama would tap one of two big names from mutual fund giant Pacific Investment Management Co.: widely regarded fund manager Bill Gross or Chief Executive Mohamed El-Erian.

Both deny and said they were shocked at the rumors.   Mohamed, one smart and articulate dude (OSD) sure seems to us to be vying for a policy position.   Click here for his,  Beyond brinkmanship: A better economic path for the U.S. and China, piece in today’s Washington Post.

And more,

Their names joined those of corporate chieftains and Nobel Prize-winning economists as potential replacements for Summers, whom the White House said last week would be leaving at the end of the year to return to Harvard University.

Those possible corporate candidates include former Xerox Corp. Chief Executive Anne Mulcahy, General Electric Co. Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt and Citigroup Inc. Chairman Richard Parsons.

Economists and academics mentioned include Laura Tyson, a University of California-Berkeley economist who chaired the National Economic Council from 1995 to 1996 under President Bill Clinton; former Labor Secretary Robert Reich; and Nobel Prize-winning economists Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz.

We vote for Immelt!   Stay tuned!

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