The Weekend Read

There has been a complete and utter lack of leadership in Ireland,” Professor Ferriter said. As for Fianna Fail, he said, “They’ve actually managed to alienate all sections of our society.” NY Times

A Balanced Look at Sino-American Imbalances – Yu Yongding
China authorities block democracy campaigns FT
China’s economic turning point – Steve Roach
Chinese internet censorship hits LinkedIn – FT
China’s Search for a Grand Strategy – Foreign Policy

Commodity prices will hinder global recovery – Investment Week
G-20 Interim Study Points To Short Supply Behind Commodity Price Rise – WSJ
WGC: China and India to Support Gold Market No Matter the Price of Oil –CNBC
Why Spiking Oil is Deflationary – Seeking Alpha

Crude Oil
Saudi raises oil output as Libyan exports disrupted – Reuters
Oil Hits Most Overbought Level Since 1999 – Bespoke

Liquidity Glut At US Banks May Ultimately Swamp Dollar – WSJ

Can the Economy Recover Without Housing? – NY Times
Mary Meeker’s plan to turn the country around Washington Post
Oil surge puts fragile US recovery at risk – FT
Rosenberg: Oil Isn’t US’s Big Worry – Deflation Is – MoneyNews
U.S. 4Q GDP Growth Revised Down To 2.8% – Daily Markets
Yes, Robert Prechter Is Still Worried About Deflation – Yahoo

Election Defeat Predicted for Ireland’s Ruling Party – NY Times
German inflation holds at multi-year high in Feb – LA Times
Greece’s EU commissioner assails austerity – UPI
Irish fertility rate highest in EU – Irish Times
Speculators steer wide berth round euro debt – FT
Turnout in Ireland general election estimated at 70% – BBC
Why Europe Needs Automatic Haircuts – Hans-Werner Sinn

Private-Equity Firms Gained 17.6% in Year – WSJ

Clashes spread across Cote d’Ivoire – Aljazeera
Food for Thought in North Korea – Christopher Hill
Libya: Live Blog – Aljazeera
Libya’s Lord of the Flies – Omar Ashour
Person in the News: the Arab youth – FT
Qaddafi Forces Violently Quell Capital ProtestNY Times
The Middle East Awakening – Joschka Fischer
UN considers response to Gaddafi FT

Japan Bonds Post Biggest Weekly Gain in 4 Months as Oil Soars on Turmoil – Bloomberg

Monetary Policy
Chicago Fed chief casts doubt on US tightening – FT
Fed’s Hoenig: Inflation Starting To Show Increases – WSJ
Quantitative Easing and America’s Economic Rebound – Martin Feldstein

The Tea Party and American Foreign Policy – Foreign Policy
Why Boehner Doesn’t Want a Government ShutdownTime

Tapping the Innovative Masses – Tech Review
Rumor: Apple to add carbon fiber body to iPad 2 – CNET
Verizon CEO refutes claims of low iPhone sales – CNET

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