Nonlinear Thinking: Smart Phone Cataract Detecting Device

This is what we’re talkin’ about! We stumbled upon this while reading a Blooomberg piece this morning, Health Tools for Apple’s IPhone May Get Same Scrutiny as Stents.  This is the exact technology that will lift the American and global economy out of its current funk.  Not more stimulus, not QE7, but entrepreneur led cutting edge practical tech applications, which marries the mobile revolution with societal and cultural trends.   These are the types of positive black swans which render medium-term economic forecasts useless.

After all, who would of predicted the rise of the internet and its impact on the economy of the late 1990’s when President Clinton was fighting with Newt Gingrich about shutting down the government in the mid-1990’s?  Not only did it get Clinton reelected, but helped, albeit temporarily,  balance the Federal government’s budget for the first time in many years.  This, while the CBO had predicted perpetual deficits just a few years earlier.

So rather than having a Malthusian investment strategy of hoarding commodities, we place our bets with the likes of Peter Thiel of Clarium Capital, and one smart guy, who believe technology is really the only game in town.

On that note,  Apple’s on deck after the close and expected to earn $5.80 per share.   The stock has run, but it still only a few percent above its high made in March.   The company usually beats estimates  by 10-20 percent and we have a feeling this could be big and are using options to play for a nice surprise.  We’ve maintained that Apple has helped to create the hardware infrastructure to reinvent itself, say, as a mobile medical equipment or apps company.  This cataract detecting device is an example of what’s possible.  Stay tuned.

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