Apple’s BIG Beat

It is truly amazing how the world’s largest company can still grow revenues by 73 percent y/y and earnings by over 100 percent.   Apple blew away analyst estimates in today’s release by almost 40 percent, earning $13.87 in fiscal Q1 2012.  They also beat the Street’s revenue estimates by a margin larger than Nicaragua’s 2011 GDP!  Big numbers.

Our priors were that much of the revenue growth would come from Asia.  Not true.  In fact, Asia revenue growth was the lowest at just over 50 percent, which makes us even more bullish as China’s pent up demand will be saved for later quarters.

Still not  impressed?  Apple grew revenues in Europe in the quarter ending December 31 by 52 percent during the worst of the sovereign and banking crisis all while fighting the headwinds of a soaring dollar.    Stunning!

The company now holds around $103 in cash with no debt.   Maybe the market will, at last, put a decent multiple on Apple’s earnings, one that it has earned and deserves,  as the company continues to lead the world from the Information Age into the Wireless Age.   It’s that epic, folks, and not many recognize it.

Also, back by popular demand is the Apple GDP metric.

(click here if chart is not observable)

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