‘Toon/Quote of the Day: Coding Error

Good piece in the FT,  The New Deal for Europe: more reform, less austerity

The War of the Coding Error is a reminder that the economy is too vital to be left to economists

– Philip Stephens


Also see the NY Times,   Reinhart and Rogoff: Responding to Our Critics  and Krugman’s response, Grasping At Straw Men.


(click here if cartoon is not observable)

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1 Response to ‘Toon/Quote of the Day: Coding Error

  1. Donull says:

    Many, many economists debunked R-R years before and there these has never been found to be historically correct. Blame should be placed on politicians and commentators who wanted austerity in order to steal money from social programs that actually lessened the deficit. R-R were scoundrels working for corporate think tanks, &c.

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