Brazil’s Presidential Election….

Looks like off to Round II — October 28th — as no candidate set to receive 50 percent of the first round vote, with Brazil’s Trump fanboy securing around 45 percent of the vote.

Note, Brazil’s similar gender divide in support of Bolsonaro as American women have with President Trump.

An interesting thing to keep an eye on as results come out are the breakdown of votes along gender lines.

Though he is in the lead, Bolsonaro is the candidate with the biggest discrepancy between his male and female vote, not only in this election, but in the history of Brazil.

Polls from a month ago showed that 49% of women in Brazil oppose Bolsonaro’s candidacy, compared with just 37% of men and in some states Bolsonaro has 75% less support among women than men.

This could be related to the fact that the far-right candidate has previously called women idiots, tramps and unworthy of rape.  – The Guardian

Brazil Exit Polls

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