MoMo Building For A “People’s Vote” In The U.K.

Pressure continues to build, just as we said it would after the U.S. midterm “bitch slap” of the Trump administration,  for a second referendum on BREXIT, which will likely lose.

Polls now show British public opinion in favor of remaining in the EU.

This not priced and we would be looking to get long cable (pound sterling/dollar) on weakness amidst the political chaos haunting the U.K.

I made it explicitly clear to the SNP and others that the priority must be stepping up efforts to build the momentum for a People’s Vote  That has been the priority for the Liberal Democrats for over two years, and it remains so.  I am glad the other opposition parties were today able to agree to work together to achieve a People’s Vote, including the option to remain in the EU.  — Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat leader 

We are also fading race-baiting populism, especially after the U.S. midterm repudiation.

Getting long Mike Espy at 10.2:1 in Mississippi Special Senate election.  He may not win but surely those odds will tighten before election day on November 27th and money can be made.


Exit the Brexit_1

Exit the Brexit_2



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