Ten Good Weekend Reads

Here comes a $40 handle on crude!


  1. Why good forecasters become better peopleFT
     To make predictions, keep an open mind and understand what you don’t know
  2. Trump, Xi Signal Readiness for Trade Talks Ahead of G-20 Meeting Bloomberg
  3. The assassination that could’ve sparked World War III – Wash Post
    JFK was almost assassinated during the Cuban missile crisis
  4. Recalculating GDP for the Facebook age – FT
    The true impact of social media? Economists have a different angle
  5. 10 things we learned from the midtermsThe Hill
  6. In Race for Global Power, U.S. and China Push Nations to Pick a Side – NY Times
  7. Tax Cuts and Spending Will Be the Next Crisis Defense, OECD Says – Bloomberg
  8. Italy May Be ‘Sleepwalking Into Instability,’ E.U. Says, and Weighs Penalty – NY Times
  9. Beyond the AI Arms RaceForeign Affairs
    America, China, and the Dangers of Zero-Sum Thinking

The Thucydides Trap


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