The Profundity Of An Autistic Second Grader

I have been off the desk a few days traveling.  Spent yesterday at a center for children with learning disabilities.  What an incredible and enlightening experience.

My oldest daughter, a psychology graduate, who is now a behavioral therapist working with autistic children always exhorts me not to stereotype these kids as gifted, savants, you know, kind of like Rainman.

It’s hard for me not to, however, as my middle daughter had a good friend in grammar school with medium to severe autism.  She always won the school spelling bee — second to her was not even close — and went on to do very well at the higher level competitions. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it, one example.

Nevertheless, no matter their condition, they are all special and gifted.  We all have a responsibility and duty as members of the Lucky Sperm Club to help these kids recognize their gifts and realize their full potential.  Actually, it’s a commandment.

Then there is this.

2nd Grade Austim


Take a few moments to stare at the above test and think about it, folks.  Who’s the genius?

Wonder how this kid would interpret the current market conditions?   I’d bet on him/her over the perpetual cheerleading, buy the French dip, lemming market pundits and parrots.   Any day and every day.

Always looking for new, alternative, and rigorous analysis and perspective.

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