Opportunistic Alpha Housekeeping

If you haven’t noticed, we have been posting specific trade ideas with entry points, target prices, and stops.  These are not recommendations but a vehicle so that our readers can hold us more accountable for our ideas, and to also illustrate that following the Global Macro Monitor is a money maker.

Ideally, the trades will generate alpha for, say, a global macro fund, or P&L for individual traders, mainly through event-driven opportunistic trades.  Assume we have $1,000,000 in capital or trading limits,  which can be levered, mainly with futures. 

Let’s call these posts “Opportunistic Alpha.”

  • Brazil has been stunning, up 10.10 percent from our entry and 12.50 percent for the year.  Getting tempted to take half off but gotta let the winners run.
  • Gold starting to move.  Trading inversely with dollar
  • Is the U.K. getting close to calling for a second BREXIT referendum?  We think so simply due to TINA – there is no alternative.   The disaster scenario is not an option and we suspect the PM secretly wants a “People’s Vote” as an easy way out.  She has to at least appear to be placating Boris
  • We think stocks are still in a bear market and a test of the December low is a given.  Though we think a little more upside, especially on some positive trade noise, we will be looking to get shorty in the 2600-2640 range or sooner  if Mr. Doji begins to appear in the daily schticks

Looks like we left a little on the table by selling the China ETF too early.  Can get them all.

We just had a large contribution from a reader who said the Brazil ETF trade made him some nice coin and wanted to pay us for the idea.  That is exactly what we are looking for. 

A special shout out to our friend, Scott in Tasmania, who was our first contribution and jumped on it as soon as we put the PayPal widget up.  We will never forget it.   

Links to original posts for each trade:

Brazil ETF
British Pound
China ETF  – exit

strictly alpha

Help keep the lights on at the Global Macro Monitor.  Contribute any amount based on your perception of our value added by clicking on the PayPal donate widget at the right side of the screen.  Thank you!

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