Ten Good Weekend Reads



  • Volatility: how ‘algos’ changed the rhythm of the market – FT
  • Shelter From the Storm in 2019, Barry Eichengreen – Project Syndicate
  • Seoul bears bad news for the globe – Nikkei Asian Review
  • As China’s economy gets the chills, some California firms catch a cold – LA Times
  • Why the world economy feels so fragile, Martin Wolf – FT
  • One Russian in Four Lacks an Indoor Toilet, One of Many Signs There are Now ‘Four Distinct Russias’ – Johnson’s Russia Listtgwr_2
  • Emerging Markets Get Goldilocks Feel as Risk-Buying Returns – Bloomberg
  • Even Bond Traders Don’t Believe This Rally  – Bloomberg
  • Is Apple still a ‘forever’ company? How about Facebook? – AEI
  • The fate of the dollar will shape financial markets in 2019 – Economist


  • The hedge funds that are doing the most hiring right now – efinancialcareers
  • Lessons from history on the dangers of blind trust in data – FT
  • Will Machine Learning Transform Finance – Yale Insights
  • Xi’s US strategy recalls Mao’s ‘protracted war’ – Nikkei Asian Review
  • China’s team of crack trade negotiators will extract their ‘pound of flesh’, experts say – SCMP
  • Second Brexit referendum calls grow as Keir Starmer tells Corbyn it
    could be ONLY way out  – Express
  • Warnings From Versailles – Foreign Affairs
  • Golf-Home Owners Find Themselves in a Hole – WSJ

Tax champions: how much do the French really pay?


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  2. Excellent. GREAT assemblage. Thank you!

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