Ten Great Weekend Reads




  • The Stock Market Finally Acknowledges Reality – Bloomberg
  • America faces a battle to find buyers for its bonds – FT

…given stagnation in international reserves, there is likely an increased need for this debt to be financed domestically.  – Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee

  • Dollar Is ‘Best of a Bad Bunch’ in Surprise Turn for Wall Street – Bloomberg
  • The Day The Vix Doubled: Tales of ‘Volmagedon’ – Bloomberg
  • Why Investors Will Still Flock to Negative-Yield Japan Bonds – Bloomberg


Negative Yields

  • American manufacturing companies have a spring in their step – Economist
  • Germany’s long expansion comes under threat – Economist
  • Seven Fixes for American Capitalism – Bloomberg
  • A New Americanism: Why a Nation Needs a National Story – Foreign Affairs
  • The Future of Politics Is Coming to Poland – Foreign Policy
  • Trump’s Attack on Socialism Is a Colossal Blunder – New Republic


  • The American left needs to find its voice on Venezuela – Fareed Zakaria
  • The Most Corrupt Countries In The World – Forbes


  • Leon Cooperman’s Last Year in the Game – Institutional Investor
  • Bill Gross’s fall presages the decline of the investing genius – FT
  • Why Your Superstar Manager May Be Toxic – Institutional Investor
  • All the Fun Has Gone Out of Being a Billionaire – WSJ
  • The Most Innovative Fintech Companies In 2019 – Forbes
  • The Church With the $6 Billion Portfolio – NY Times
  • All relationship problems stem from one persistent myth about romance – Quartz
  • Frank Robinson, MLB’s first black manager, R.I.P.  – NY Daily News

France-Italy row

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