Mitch McConnell Raises The White Flag, Lays Out Welcome Matt




Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) blocked two election security measures on Thursday, arguing Democrats are trying to give themselves a “political benefit.” 

…Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) also asked for consent to pass legislation that would require candidates, campaign officials and their family members to notify the FBI of assistance offers from foreign governments.

McConnell also objected to that bill.  The Hill, July 25

More Kafka Than Ever

Political benefit?

Wasn’t that the raison d’être of the Mueller investigation?  That the “Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in a sweeping and systematic fashion,” which “favored presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and disparaged presidential candidate Hillary Clinton“?  Page one of the Mueller Report, by the way.

So, of course, blocking these bills to secure the integrity of the next presidential election from foreign influences would disadvantage one party.

The day after Robert Mueller’s Congressional testimony to boot!  See our, No Congress For Old Men,  post here.

More Kafka, please!

We don’t know about you but we believe McConnell’s actions are tantamount to laying out a welcome matt for more foreign influence in the 2020 election.


My God, what would George Washington think?

POTUS Gets A Taste Of The Coming Deep Fakes

President Trump appeared on stage today in front of a “fake” Presidential seal,

(CNN) An audiovisual aide for conservative student group Turning Point USA was fired this week after President Donald Trump appeared on a stage in front of a parody image of the presidential seal at its Teen Student Action Summit.

As the President took the stage Tuesday morning before a sea of 1,500 teenage cell phones, a screen behind him showed a fake presidential seal featuring a two-headed eagle — which bore similarity to the State seal of the Russian Federation — clutching a set of golf clubs in its talons. The seal was visible for a short time behind Trump, who stood behind a podium affixed with the official (and un-doctored) presidential seal for the duration of his speech.  – CNN


Last night we posted this,

They will be more sophisticated this time, loaded with deep fake videos, hacks, ‘bots, and whatever you can and can’t imagine. 

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hey, did my congressman really say that? Is that really President Donald Trump on that video, or am I being duped?

New technology on the internet lets anyone make videos of real people appearing to say things they’ve never said. Republicans and Democrats predict this high-tech way of putting words in someone’s mouth will become the latest weapon in disinformation wars against the United States and other Western democracies.  – TPM

Where is the panic?  Where is the outrage?  – GMM, July 24th

Buck up, folks.  Consider the source, don’t believe everything you see, beware of the subliminal, fact check, and listen carefully to detect those ugly dog whistles.

Your freedom depends on it.

An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people. – Thomas Jefferson



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