Not Your Father’s First 1,000 Days

One Thousand Days


One Thousand Days_3

One Thousand Days_2.png

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3 Responses to Not Your Father’s First 1,000 Days

  1. Anonymous says:

    They are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Shows how much Americans have lost faith in their institutions since the 1960s to have elected Trump.

  2. Johnny Mac says:

    Read your material….another deranged left wing blog. I travel the country wide and far. The number of DEMOCRATS that are psychologically deranged about Trump have told me personally that they are voting for Trump……add in the number of blacks and hispanics that have said that they are going to vote for him and give the republican party a second look….also, no one is talking about the elections over the last two weeks whereby it was a jungle dprimary and 70% of the republicans received more than 50% of the vote thereby eliminating the need for a general election in November…….again, you’re a fraud……………

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