Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?

This one is for CK, a moral trailblazer in her own right and knows how to play and has a great long-game.

We can’t emphasize enough what a Great American Jackie Robinson and moral trailblazer #42 was.

Did you know his older brother, Mack, won a silver medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics in the 200 meters, finishing second to Jesse Owens?

It wasn’t until 1961 Charlie Sifford became the first African-American player to earn a PGA Tour card, only because,

…under a threat by Stanley Mosk, then California attorney general and later state Supreme Court justice, to bar the tour from the state, the PGA caved in all the way, removing the “Caucasians only” clause from membership requirement.  – LA Times

That makes me be proud to be a native Californian but, as a golfer, ashamed of the sport I loved.

Jackie was also a huge fan of the young Sandy Koufax, by the way.

Jackie Robinson…clashed with Alston on many subjects including [how little the manager pitched] Koufax. – Jack Leavy, Sandy Koufax, 2002

Listen to this killer Natalie Cole rendition, Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball. 

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