Chamath Nails It

This dude is Churchillian.  Prolific and strike right at the heart of the issue.  Must view.

I sense big regulatory reforms coming for Wall Street when the next Administration comes to power.  It will probably  begin with capital gains tax moving back to marginal income tax rates.

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1 Response to Chamath Nails It

  1. ursel says:

    Incompetent?? Using the company money to buy your stock options you are flipping so as not to put selling pressure on the stock in the market. Sanctioned by the SEC for years, so all is good. Bids the stock up for the other shares not being flipped by officers and directors, so share holders are happy. Forget about using the money for the company capital investment, or debt reduction.
    Stock price is all that matters until it tanks, and debt has to be rolled or paid down, as few, make that very few, have free cash flow. “If the music is still playing we have to get up and dance.”
    The Banksters are loaning them debt money to buy up the stock, so fees on the lending AND fees on the stock buybacks, and the circle jerk is complete for the Friday afternoon Tequila and coke fests.

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