Intel Reports Factors Operating With > 90% On-Time Deliveries

Intel reported AH and is trading down over 5 percent on weaker than expected margin guidance, or whatever you want to assign to the price noise.

The outlook, at least to us, for the semis and the electronics industry, in general, is unclear,

  • the electronics segment has benefited from the outbreak because of a surge in buying by both consumers and businesses in electronics equipment
  • uncertainty about the pandemic, the recovery, and the sustainability of demand, it’s unclear if the outlook is for a continued boom or a delayed bust
  • as people around the globe were forced to self-isolate, consumers began buying up new electronics gear to support the shift to working from home, video conferencing, and to enhance their home entertainment experience
  • this demand is not sustainable and may be pulling in sales that may have occurred later in the year
  • with strong demand and concerns about potential supply disruptions from the outbreak, many companies throughout the electronics value chain have been over ordering or even double ordering
  • if the outbreak drives long-term changes in society, such as an increase in on-line education, telemedicine, and telecommuting, then the demand for electronics equipment will increasingly be considered core necessities
  • the timing and strength of the recovery – Forbes







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