Susan Rice VEEP Pick Ramping

Susan Rice has narrowed a 33 point gap on August 2nd in the prediction markets to within 7 points of Senator Kamala Harris to become Joe Biden’s choice as the Democratic vice presidential nominee.     See our July 19th post, Susan Rice — The Next VEEP?

Rice served as President Obama’s  Ambassador to the United Nations and  National Security Advisor.

Biden has already locked himself into choosing a woman running mate and he does owe the African-American community for pulling his ass out of the fire and saving his candidacy in the South Carolina primary, especially indebted to Congressman James Clyburn.

She wasn’t even on the radar a few months ago.

When choosing a candidate, the most important question is:  Is she/he presidential timber?  Rice, definitely fits the bill, more so, we believe, than the others on the shortlist.  We like her and so does the Trump camp, who believes she is good fodder for the Obama/Hillary Deep State conspiracies — great IPA, by the way.

Deep State


Biden is expected to name his pick in the next week.

Susan RIce

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