What A Biden Victory Could Mean For America | The Economist

Joe Biden currently stands a good chance of winning the presidency. He is a lifelong centrist but could turn out to be the most ambitious Democratic president in generations.

Read more here: https://econ.st/31Ammy6 Find The Economist’s most recent coverage of the 2020 US election here: https://econ.st/3a2ptCN


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2 Responses to What A Biden Victory Could Mean For America | The Economist

  1. Minsky says:

    Do you think Trump’s voter suppression efforts might swing the election his way, despite the unfavorable demographic numbers you’ve talked about?

  2. harrykellerman says:

    Could be this, could be that. You hear this all the time. The problem is most heads of government don’t really have that much autonomy, and spend way too much time battling with the senate or their own party or cutting deals to appease others. Excludes Russia, China and another other country with a dictator in place.

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