O, How We Love Technical Analysis

You know what they say,

If you stare at the sky long enough, you will see pink elephants

We don’t see pink elephants but rather trade setups, among other things,  and have discovered a failproof trade.

After studying many patterns of rainbows and lightning strikes, we present the Double Rainbow Resistance Short.   Sell or short when the index hits the rainbow resistance on its second try and fails to breakout.   You gotta be quick, however.

Maybe, even more important, we found a new weapon or monetary tool for the Fed’s quiver, Time Reversal, but it doesn’t appear to work in propping up this asset market, especially when the index is in a Tree Pattern.

Mercado socialismo is so boring, and such an inconsistent space where professing capitalists are really closet central planners — i.e., socialists.   Killing time and waiting for it.


Here’s a newbie Robinhood trader discovering the Double Rainbow setup for the first time.  Note the trader can’t pull the trigger and asks 1:17 minutes in,

What does it mean? 

It’s surprising with a name such as Yosemitebear he can’t pull the trigger on a short setup.  Moreover, it kind of sounds he is shitfaced on liquidity or hopped up on the Fed crack.


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