What A “Blue Wave” Means To Markets

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1 Response to What A “Blue Wave” Means To Markets

  1. Joseph George says:

    Here is a fairly tale. First, if the blue wave vanishes then nothing changes, civil unrest, chaos, market takes a huge dump. If Big Blue Wave succeeds…first the Wicked Witch is Dead euphoria envelops the populace and propels markets to new highs though volatile. In January 2021 with Joe Biden in the Oval Office, a world of difference is made, literally. The Green New Deal to combat climate change takes front and center stage in a Democratic controlled House and Senate. Biden directs a federal pandemic response featuring daily at home covid spit tests for all, contact tracing, and self isolations as needed. The pandemic is contained by the 2nd quarter, while business remains open (similar to the Taiwan model) as vaccines also begin to hit the street. Energy bifurcates further with solar soaring and old energy tanking. The public option in healthcare is merged with Medicare and Medicaid. Pay raises and generous benefit packages, including child care are enacted for all working families. Social Security solvency is addressed and strengthened into perpetuity. New Infrastructure and jobs programs are enacted; rebuilding roads, bridges, bike lanes, modernizing covid economic zones, remaking community policing..the neighborhood beat cop makes a comeback, caring for the homeless is addressed meaningfully, rebuilding climate disaster swaths of the country, dreamers can stay, and immigration issue is dealt with effectively and with compassion. Reparations for Native Americans and African American descendants of slaves is enacted. New housing construction, new power transmission, rural broadband, free college, a strengthened NATO alliance. All good for business and all costs an arm and a leg. Therefor new income bracket created for the billionaire class, reminiscent of the Kennedy years, where economic growth accelerated as a direct result. Only now growth is thought of in a completely different light.

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