The GOAT Dishing On Inflation

PTJ, the Greatest Of All-Time (GOAT) in my book. I have few regrets in life but one is not hitting his bid when I was being pursued by his hedge fund years ago. The California beach was just too comfy back then.

His views should sound very familiar if you have been reading GMM over the past several months.

Listen up to the interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin from this morning.  The 6 minutes is well worth your time.  The opportunity cost of not doing so could be enormous. 

Keep fighting, CK

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2 Responses to The GOAT Dishing On Inflation

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its a good thing he is not on the FED where employment rates are a concern!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jim Cramer’s take: Sounds like the sky is about to fall on Wednesday. Should be interesting either way.

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