What Is Justin Waiting For?

Wow,  Justin is acting pretty conservative for a liberal.  Canada already has some of the best COVID numbers in the world.  High VAX, low new daily cases.   

Assuming 4 percent of Canada has had (1.41 million reported cases) or has the COVID antibodies, that puts the country’s at a de facto 70 percent herd immunity rate.   Enough to sleep easy, in our book. bed.   

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau maintains that Canada will need to meet the COVID-19 vaccines target of 75 per cent of the total population with a first dose and 20 per cent with two doses before his government lifts border restrictions.

Speaking to news that the U.S, Canada border will remain closed to non-essential travel for another month, Trudeau said Friday that, while he understands the urgency to return to some semblance of normality, permitting discretionary travel now would risk another wave of cases in this country.

“We’re not out of this pandemic yet, we’re still seeing cases across the country and we want to get them down. At the same time, we also know we have to hit our targets of 75 per cent vaccinated with the first dose, at least 20 per cent vaccinated with the second dose before we can start loosening things up because even a fully vaccinated individual can pass on COVID-19 to someone who is not vaccinated,” he said.  – CTV News

He’s the PM and has to answer to the Canadian people.  I am not and do not.  That pretty much settles it. 

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1 Response to What Is Justin Waiting For?

  1. Cassandra says:

    Like Justin said, even a vaccinated person can get COVID-19 or pass it on. So what is the point? He is imposing medical tyranny. The freedom to choose what drugs you want to put in your own body is (should be) up to you. (And by the way I am no conservative. I am a former Democrat, proud independent for 13 years. Since this whole thing had gotten so politicized.) Those of us who have dug deeper realize that Big Pharma has a shockingly large amount of power. For once I feel grateful to live in a more conservative state where life is almost back to normal. I feel terrible for Canadians. The ones I know feel that their country has been hijacked.

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