Dalio and Summers Debate Inflation

This video is excellent.  Long for Twitter years but well worth the time. 

Dalio and Summers crystalize the inflation debate. Summers, the traditional economist, talks about demand-pull overheating, output gaps, and labor markets. At the same time, Dalio comments on monetary inflation, where the central government, the U.S. Treasury, cannot place all its bonds into the market without spiking interest rates and must rely on the Fed’s digital printing press to take down a significant portion of the new debt. 

Both are happening as we speak, and both have been exhausted on the site with various posts.  Summers even mentions short-term inflation running at plus 8 percent annually  as we did recently.

Carol K. Continues Her Health Battle

Keep fighting, CK!  The world is rooting for you. 

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2 Responses to Dalio and Summers Debate Inflation

  1. Jim Spreitzer says:

    Larry is so stagflation yesterday! I suggest you freshen up your research and postings. Larry is an old neoliberal that helped create the wealth gap. Larry worked hard to outsource jobs to other countries! Are they / you suggesting rates should increase and we tighten up monetary policy as we crawl out of a recession? Check out INET re inflation and new economic theory.

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