China Rising, Globalization Fading

Great video, well worth your 10 minutes. Any guesses of the impact on inflation/deflation?

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3 Responses to China Rising, Globalization Fading

  1. Joe Rourke says:

    Hey Gregor hope you are well. It is interesting to see little old Ireland there in the graphs coming out more as much more connected to the USA than to Germany. Those rumours that Ireland might become the 51st US State appear to have strong economic basis behind them. Though, if that were to happen, Luxembourg might become the 52nd Sate, which would be very amusing altogether!

    • macromon says:

      Thanks, Joe. We will take Ireland but just say no to Luxie, even with all their wealth. Pretty concerned about America, however, feels like the rips are popping and society about to come apart.

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