The COVID-19 League Of Nations


Great chart from the Economist on how nations are faring during the pandemic using a multiple of indicators.  Those damn Nordic socialist countries are kicking our arse!

The pandemic has created winners and losers—and the dispersion between them is likely to persist in 2022.

In order to assess these differences, The Economist has gathered data on five economic and financial indicators—GDP, household incomes, stockmarket performance, capital spending and government indebtedness—for 23 rich countries. We have ranked each economy according to how well they have performed on each indicator, creating an overall league table (the chart shows the ranking and four of our five indicators). Some countries remain in the economic pits, while others are faring better than they were before the pandemic on almost every measure. Denmark, Norway and Sweden are all near the top, and the American economy has also performed reasonably well. Many big European countries, however, including Britain, Germany and Italy, have fared worse. Spain has done worst of all. – Economist

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3 Responses to The COVID-19 League Of Nations

  1. Joe Rourke says:

    Fox News versus ‘pesky’ Denmark.

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