Not Quite In Full Flight


According to Exante Data , creator of the following chart, U.S passengers now screened by the TSA is back to 83 percent of the 2019 levels. Getting there but not home yet.

I dropped my daughter and her significant other at SFO on Christmas Day to fly to London. At the same time, a good friend, known as Harry The K. on this site, flew back from Heathrow and is sick with THE symptoms but is yet to be tested. Godspeed, HTK.

Let’s take every precaution, throw off the fear and get back to normal. Don’t live like what King Solomon described as those who were afraid to get out of bed because “there are lions roaming the public square.”

May science and the miracle of modern medicine coupled with our unselfish and empathetic behavior kick COVID’s ass in 2022. Let’s do this, folks!

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