Debunking Success Myths

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2 Responses to Debunking Success Myths

  1. Joe R says:

    Not sure holding up one particular and lucky success myth and repeatingnig verbatim without analysis is a not good way to debunk success myths in general. I think it reinforces them. The key is the word ‘myth’. That is by definition a fanciful story and not a reliable factual history.

    Here is an example of a fact based debunking of myths about economically successful countries, but it is a big long at 45mins. Technique is quite different:

    • Joe R says:

      Sorry some typos in the prior comment – basically, I don’t think the short video debunks anything.

      And I follow with a video that does but that is by necessity a longer process as you have to examine the myth and fact check it compare it and show how and why it is a myth.

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